Tech Tip: How Do I Keep My Home Computer Secure?

We love protecting our client’s computers, including the work computer they take home or leave at home. One question we’re sometimes asked is, “How do I protect my personal computer- the one used for web surfing and the family, and isn’t owned by the company?”

Pegasus doesn’t work on home computers, and we see plenty of solutions that don’t work. We do have two suggestions for software that works better than most home security software. They’re not business-grade so we don’t recommend using them for a work environment, but they do a decent job keeping a home machine reasonably safe from many drive-by hackers.

Malwarebytes Premium

$44.99 / year
Based in the US

Sophos Home

$44.99 / year
Based in England

Regardless of which one you choose, it’s important that all other antivirus programs are uninstalled first to avoid computer slowdowns and system conflicts. Because both of these packages impact everything on the computer, make sure you have a good backup of your data before doing anything.

Both packages offer a free trial before payment is required.

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