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Annual revenue from cybercrime in 2019 is estimated to be $1.5 trillion! To put that large number in perspective, the combined 2019 revenue of Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Tesla, and Microsoft is $761 billion, and the 2019 revenue of Walmart is $514 billion. Cybercriminal activity is big business!

Criminals Target Passwords

One of the easiest ways criminals exploit systems is through compromised passwords. Credentials can be guessed using clues left on social media, discovered on hacked servers and insecure cloud services, and cracked using ever-increasing computing power. Perhaps the most common technique criminals rely upon is trying known passwords from a compromised site at other sites.

In other words, each service and computing device you use needs a unique, complex password. Multifactor authentication is strongly recommended, but good passwords are still a requirement, and many services do not have a strong multifactor capability.

Can You Remember Strong Passwords?

Most people regularly use an average of 36 services that require a password. Can you remember 36 unique passwords? How many complex passwords can you remember?

To maintain security levels, each password should be reset to something completely different every six months, and that means changing more than incrementing the number at the end.

That comes to 72 unique, complex passwords each year- are you up for the mental challenge? We argue there are better uses of your time and memory, and we have a solution to help you and your team. Our solution beats sticky notes hidden under your keyboard and unencrypted Excel files sought by criminals.

Cybercriminals love when people use the same password across multiple sites and services because it’s fewer passwords they need to crack. Aside from using good multifactor authentication, one of the easiest things you can do to keep your systems secure is to use a unique, complex password everywhere.

Meet Pegasus Password Vault

We proudly offer Pegasus Password Vault. This cloud-based solution stores credentials in an encrypted vault. Each vault contains folders and subfolders to help keep your credentials organized in the way you wish. Folders can be selectively shared with your team members to help improve the security of shared passwords.

You can access your vault from any device. We can apply policies to the vaults to help ensure passwords meet the security requirements of your organization. We can also audit password quality, report accessed credentials, and discover if your password is listed for sale on the dark web with BreachWatch. Multifactor authentication is included.

Best of all, Password Vault is managed and supported by Pegasus. Know that because of built-in security controls around the storage of your passwords, we cannot access or export your credentials for you.

Pegasus password vault comes with these features:

  • Securely keep all your team’s passwords
  • Cloud-based (no server or backup required)
  • Comes with a mobile app (no computer is required to get a password)
  • Enforced password strength and uniqueness
  • Audited employee password use
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)-protected
  • Active Directory integration is available


Optionally, we offer Pegasus Enterprise Password Vault to synchronize your account with Active Directory, which helps streamline account creation and access. Improve your team’s security with truly unique, complex passwords today. Pegasus Password Vault is a critical tool in your cybersecurity defense arsenal.

Contact us today to learn more about adding Pegasus Password Vault.