VOIP: Everything You Need to Know About Internet Phone Service

With services in place such as Skype and WhatsApp, the concept of internet phone services may seem old hat to younger generations. Indeed in 2012, the internet phone market held 30 million American subscribers, but businesses haven’t quite caught on to the phenomenon as quickly.

Even so, the benefits of internet phone service to American phone consumers can be enjoyed by businesses as well.  By 2020, internet phone markets are expected to reach a mark of approximately 204 billion dollars.

If your business is eating a lot of your operating budget in phone calls, consider bringing internet phone to the office and keeping some of that overhead towards your bottom line.

Benefits of Internet Phone Service

The main reason that internet phone service is so popular today is its cost-friendly feature. It’s also very easy to use.

If all you have to do to enjoy an internet phone call is open up your computer, you literally can call anywhere in the world. And you can do so for very little money, or even for free.

This is a feature that businesses really like about internet phone calls. Your business can start with something as simple as Skype or WhatsApp, or install an entire system that allows your company unlimited long distance calls with free premium features.

The affordability is the greatest benefit of internet phone services.  But its flexibility and user-friendly nature is also a big plus.

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Types of Internet Phone Service

Another term for internet phone calls is VOIP, which stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. All that means is that you are using an Internet connection to make phone calls as opposed to a dialer.

In some cases, all you need is a type of software such as Skype or WhatsApp. But other apps such as Signal, Confide, and many more offer end-to-end encryption for secure and affordable Internet phone calls.

When your business is considering getting your VOIP on, there are a few ways that you can do it.

You can do it through an ATA, new hardware, or in computer-to-computer calls.

Analog Adaptors

An analog telephone adaptor, also known as ATA, is one kind of internet phone service. In this method, you connect an actual phone to your computer or internet connection and use VOIP services that way.

The adaptor in an ATA converts analog signals to digital signals so that it can transmit over the Internet in a way that allows you to make phone calls.

IP Phones

Another form of VOIP calling is through the installation of an entirely new phone system. This is more affordable than it sounds.  It could wind up saving your company thousands of dollars a year.

These are phones that are installed that look just like regular phones, including a headset, cradle, and even dialer buttons. The only difference is the signal that they are using.

In your traditional landline, you are going to be using analog signals for phone calls, whereas VOIP calling through internet phones use digital systems and an Internet connection.

Computer-to-Computer Calls

Perhaps the most common form of an Internet phone call is in the computer-to-computer method. Here your computer is already connected to the Internet.

This makes long distance calling through services such as Skype very affordable, and even free in some cases.

For this format, all you need is for your business operators to have computers, microphones, speakers, and a sound card, in addition to your Internet connection. Outside of your normal Internet provider fee, you will pay no additional upfront costs.

Connect for Free Today

Internet phone calls are a thing of the twenty-first century and aren’t going away anytime soon. Today, millions of Americans use this service at home.

It is increasingly being used in business as well for its affordability and flexibility.

It’s not just being used in the private sector as well, as the United States Social Security Administration office has even switched its 63,000 workers to Internet phone service. Discover how VOIP works with this quick guide to VOIP for business, and begin saving money today.