5 Great Advantages of Using Hybrid Cloud Services

You have likely heard of cloud storage before. You probably already use it if you have a smartphone from Google or Apple. But the benefits and advantages of the cloud are much greater than just storing photos or being able to record notes on multiple devices.

Hybrid cloud services are the next big leap forward for businesses that want or need to expand.

In a recent report, 93.7% of companies agreed that cloud services are critical for their business needs and increasing growth rate. While 88.4% anticipate it will be critical for business needs in the future.

So read on to learn the 5 biggest advantages of using hybrid cloud services in your business.

So What Are Hybrid Cloud Services and How Do They Work?

Hybrid cloud services are essentially a combined way for businesses to store and access important data and programs. 

It consists of a public and private cloud system. The private service is often located on premises which provides a fantastic layer of security, but alone, this could stifle growth. Public cloud services are external to business but allow for even greater flexibility.

The primary draw for using hybrid cloud management is the fact that you are able to shift data as needed. Data that needs to be the most secure can be encrypted or kept only on private servers while the day-to-day data can be shared on the cloud.

Flexera, in a 2021 report claimed that up to 78% of businesses are already using some sort of hybrid or multi-cloud system.

If you haven’t invested in hybrid cloud services yet, you are behind the curve, but that brings us to the first massive advantage.

1. Speed

Hybrid cloud computing improves the mobility of your business’s data which means that change can happen fast.

Whether that is launching a new product to market, correcting mistakes, or getting the information to your customers anytime.

Hybrid solutions make processes like automation and desktop virtualization possible. These processes and more will considerably improve your ability to communicate and act quickly.

2. Security and Risk Management

Security is also considerably easier with the hybrid cloud model. Data can be organized in the safest or most accessible position depending on requirements. 

Access can be allocated at varying levels depending on logins and accessibility. In addition to this, when issues do occur, the remote possibilities allow you to perform fixes remotely and get simple support from professionals giving them direct access.

3. Cheaper

In an organization without hybrid cloud solutions, it can be difficult and costly to meet changing needs. 

With these services, it is far cheaper to upgrade your services and accommodate your needs. And if things stabilize after a large spike in activity, you can easily reduce your services and pay less. 

These are only a few of the reasons why it can be cheaper, for more click here.

4. Organization and Control

Between providing remote access and the other benefits the hybrid cloud offers your business, you gain absolute control.

When things need to change, update, or move, you can do it with ease in minimal time.

5. Improved Scalability

Last point, but an incredibly important one for business. Growth is essential in today’s market. Technology gives every company access to a global audience. So, you need to prepare for expansion to happen at any point. 

Scaling too quickly or being unprepared is often the detriment of many businesses but hybrid cloud services give you the peace of mind to know you can scale anytime you need to.

Need Help Getting Started?

Hybrid cloud services provide an extensive range of benefits, but it can be a complicated thing to get established without expert advice.

At Pegasus Technologies, we are the experts who can help take your business to new heights and guide you along the journey. Learn how we can help your business technology by contacting us today

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