5 Reasons Why Your Office Computers Need Domain Filtering

Handling your information technology (IT) is a responsibility you shouldn’t take lightly. There are several measures you can take, including domain filtering. 

This service, also called DNS filtering, allows you to block and ban certain sites and internet protocol (IP) addresses. You’ll get computer protection and other benefits. 

Here are a few reasons that domain filtering should be part of your business. 

1. It Improves Your Security

The topic of cybersecurity deserves your attention right now, no matter what industry you’re part of. Your company’s infrastructure immediately becomes more secure when you invest in domain filtering. 

It improves your network security, which makes you less susceptible to cybersecurity threats. This is critical for your business since phishing attacks and other forms of malware can be damaging to your infrastructure. 

Anything you can do to mitigate this risk will be helpful. A managed information technology (IT) professional can provide domain filtering as part of their security measures. 

2. Domain Filtering is Better for Your Bandwidth

You will also make better use of your bandwidth when you invest in domain filtering. For instance, you can block sites that use huge amounts of data. 

These might include sites loaded with video or large downloads. By blocking access to these sites, you’re buying back some of your bandwidth and will make your entire network run more efficiently. 

3. You Can Cut Out Content That You Don’t Want Access To

One of the most valuable reasons for investing in domain filtering is that it gives you autonomy on what sort of content you allow in your building. You can block out any domains that you won’t want users to access on your network. 

This could be due to inappropriate content or sites that promote illegal activity. 

4. Your Business Will Become More Productive

Studies show that employees everywhere waste more than 20 hours per week. Imagine how much more productive your entire company could be when you eliminate this time waste. 

A lot of time is wasted browsing sites that have nothing to do with work. People spend hours browsing political sites, sports articles, and social media. It’s easier to keep everyone on task when you block out the sites that keep them from being productive.

5. It Keeps Your Liabilities in Check

Since you have control over the sites that are allowed on your network, you greatly reduce your liabilities. You don’t have to worry about illegal activity being conducted on your network since you’re blocking out those sites. 

Protecting your cybersecurity also keeps sensitive data from being exposed to the public, which also lowers your liabilities. 

Look Into Domain Filtering Services

Whether you’re more interested in security, malware protection, or lowering your liability risk, it’s clear that domain filtering is worth the investment. 

Now that you see some of the benefits of this service, you should touch base with a company that can help you out. We offer this service and can help you out with a host of other IT needs. 

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