7 Tips to Help Improve Your Network Speed in the Office

The region with the fastest internet on average is the Isle of Jersey, where residents experience an average download speed of 274 Mbps. But did you know that with even the fastest internet connection, a bad network at home or at work can negatively affect your internet connection?

No office in the 21st century should have its productivity slowed by a bad connection. If you’re having this problem, here are seven tips you can use to improve your network speed.

1. Use the Right Frequency

Older devices only work on 2.4 GHz WiFi networks, while newer devices can work on 2.4 and 5 GHz networks. Modern WiFi routers can also sustain both networks simultaneously. Having your new devices on the 5 GHz band and older devices on the 2.4 GHz band can decrease congestion in your local wireless network.

2. Place the Router in the Best Spot

Many people put their routers out of sight for aesthetic reasons, which can decrease your device’s internet speed. Having the router in an open, central location in a home or office is often the best choice. This also counts for any WiFi signal-boosting devices you may be using to spread the signal throughout an expansive office.

3. Use Wired Connections as Well

If terminals are close to the WiFi router, you can connect them to the internet directly with ethernet cables or special USB-C adaptors. The router will then act as a switch for the direct connections. Those terminals will then also be off the wireless network, which means computers still on wireless will have a more open wireless network to connect to the internet.

4. Replace Old Routers and Modems

The first-ever WiFi router only had a bandwidth of 20 MHz and could only transmit up to 65 Mbps of data. The standard router today has as much as four times the bandwidth, and the latest technology can transmit up to 1 Gbps of data. If you’ve had your router for more than five years, replacing it will allow you to take advantage of these new innovations.

5. Have Secure and Guest Networks

Keeping your office’s work network secured with a password can help maintain high speeds for all work terminals. If you provide guests with their WiFi network, they can surf freely without slowing down your employees.

6. Check Cable Quality

Bad fiber optic and ethernet cables can have a serious impact on network speeds. Replacing and organizing the cables may improve your internet speed if you have really old cables, damaged cables, or clusters of tangled cables.

7. Have a Redundant Network

redundant WiFi network is a great way to keep your devices’ internet speed high in cases of slow or unstable networks. If one connection slows down, gives issues, or crashes altogether, then you can migrate some or all crucial devices over to the spare network.

Let Us Help Improve Your Network Speed

There are many different things that can improve your network speed. It could be as simple as replacing old and damaged technology in your office or adding security to your work network. It may also be necessary to get an extra WiFi network for guests or as a redundancy measure.

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