Business Technology: 5 Ways ITSM Increases Productivity

A modern business lives or dies by its technology.

Despite their interest, only 30% of small businesses do a good job of adopting new technology. When you consider how vital digital technology has become, that’s an insane statistic.

Below, we’re taking a look at how business technology can level the playing field. Here are 5 ways ITSM can increase your productivity.

Free Up Resources

If you’re a small business, you’ve probably seen how easy it is to lose your core business focus.

A small business can’t employ a large number of people to meet day-to-day obligations. This forces employees to wear a number of hats, but that means losing their productivity to non-core activities.

Using ITSM, you can free up your employees to focus on what they do best — and what you hired them for.

Faster Response Times

When IT moves quickly, so does everything else in the business. Being technologically efficient creates new opportunities.

Efficiency allows workflow to move through the business at increased rates. That means faster customer response times and faster internal processing. Taken together, that leads to increased revenue generated per hour.

Faster responses also mean happier customers. That makes it more likely your company will renew important contracts and gain custom through reputation.

Level the Playing Field

It’s hard to overstate the value of information technology in businesses. This is why businesses that fail to focus on IT often find themselves at a disadvantage.

Using ITSM, a small business can not only compete with its peers but even tap into the kind of resources usually only available to larger companies. This allows a business to compete on a level playing field, yielding more productivity than their size would suggest.

Prevent Downtime

IT downtime is a nightmare for any modern business. For a small business, it could prove a crippling blow. Downtime means lost business, wasted employee time, and missed obligations.

Preventing downtime should be one of your primary concerns, but it will often play second fiddle to the realities of budget and time constraints. Using ITSM could save your bacon by restoring systems with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

Save Time

Buying and upgrading IT equipment isn’t just expensive, it’s also time-consuming. To do right by your company, you need to sink many hours into research. And then there’s installation to think about.

Working with ITSM can save you from the wasted productivity you’d experience trying to figure out your business needs. Instead, you can tap into expert knowledge and translate the results into business productivity.

Your business can’t be an expert at everything. Success lies with small businesses that understand that fact and use technology to work around it.

Leveraging Business Technology with ITSM

These five ways form an excellent case study to show how business technology like ITSM can boost your productivity and bring your business to new heights. For smaller businesses, technology can be a fantastic leveler.

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