Cloud Email Migration: 3 Services Your IT Support Provider Should Offer

Cloud Email Migration: 3 Services Your IT Support Provider Should Offer

Migrating your email to the cloud can be stressful without the help of a managed IT support provider. You can’t afford for an email migration to go wrong, email is integral to your business’s productivity.

For example:

You may have whole email archives you want moved to the cloud and can’t afford to risk information loss. Or you may be concerned with how the functionality of your new cloud portal will compare to your current desktop email. Will there be a learning curve?

Working with a managed IT service provider for your email migration can ensure a seamless transition to the cloud, especially if you set a few service expectations.

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Here are 3 services you should expect from your computer support provider during cloud email migration:

1. Robust spam filtering

The average office employee receives 88 emails a day and sends around 34. Your employees don’t have time to sort spam out of 600 emails every single week, which can contain security threats, such as:

You can’t completely rely on spam filters built into your email because they don’t usually clean out all the junk mail and cyber threats. Ask your managed IT company to implement a robust filter to weed out all your spam emails. Managed IT service companies can sort out risky emails your email platform missed using their own team.

This team of IT experts will clean out the overwhelming emails threatening your company data and using up precious storage space. A spam filtering team also ensures potentially harmful or annoying emails don’t waste your employees’ time.

2. Advanced cloud backup

Cloud email platforms offer just enough to keep businesses running as usual. But many companies need more when it comes to data backup. They need more robust protection and flexible data restoration options. Backing up data like emails and contacts in the cloud ensures business information is protected in case something goes wrong:

  • Infections from viruses
  • Unexpected data loss
  • Onsite power outages

Even if you accidentally delete or overwrite a file, advanced cloud backup will act as a safety net and retain your email data. It allows you to go back and restore a single item to your mailbox with minimal interruption.

And, technically, advanced cloud backup has no storage capacity limiting how long you can back up data. It can retain your email 24/7 for as long as you need.

But with more company data on the cloud, the more cloud security you’ll need to protect it. Your managed IT service provider should encrypt all data transfers between the web server and browser. This secures your data to and from the backup server, so you don’t have to worry about any data theft when restoring email data.

Backup storage availability

Remember, backup systems are for emergencies. You don’t want the backup to be down when you need it most. Look for a backup system with a promised uptime of 99.99%.

3. Customized email signatures

With cloud email, you can customize employee signatures to look like they represent your company, whether you’re sending a message from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can make them uniform, modify them all at once, and standardize them with anything from:

  • Company logos
  • Website URLs
  • Social sharing buttons

It’s also very handy when new employees are on-boarded with new accounts and new computers. You can ensure their email signatures are consistent with their colleagues and let the world know they’re all on the same team. It makes the organization look more professional as a whole. And when your employees move up the ladder, it can be used for HR-driven changes such as employees’ job titles and departments.

They can even go so far as to power your marketing efforts to drive direct traffic to special offers like:

  • Events & promotions
  • eBooks or webinars
  • Free web tools or blog posts

Or let’s say your company needs to promote a seasonal event and wants to add a piece of temporary content to all employee signatures, like a linked image. Special items like this can be pulled from an active directory and activated in real-time from the event’s start to end date without any manual modifications.

Managed IT Support Makes Email Migration Easier

With the help of a managed service provider, email migration to the cloud won’t feel overwhelming. They’ll help you each step of the way, making sure your data is protected and restored when needed.

As a managed IT service provider, Pegasus Technologies offers advanced cloud backup on platforms such as Office 365, Google Apps, and Salesforce with 99.99% availability. From Military-Grade Encryption to custom email signatures, Pegasus can help you with your small business email needs.

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