Cybersecurity Audit: Outsource or Do It Yourself?

According to surveys run by cybersecurity professionals, nearly half of all the small businesses in the country have been hacked at one point or another. in the absence of a cybersecurity audit, it’s hard for most businesses to figure out whether or not they’re at risk. Instead of guessing, you need to get it taken care of.

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1. Do You Know Hardware?

All computing technology starts with hardware. If you don’t set up your hardware correctly, you could be making it easier for your company to get hacked and for nefarious actors to get ahold of your information.

Hardware includes the computers that your team uses, the storage devices where your information is located, and networking equipment that you use. If you don’t know this hardware intimately, you could set it up wrong and leave yourself vulnerable.

Networking technology is especially important. If you set up a wireless network on site that’s easy to hack into, you could make taking over your system a breeze.

When selecting the device that you want to keep storage on, you need one that has a strong security system built in. Otherwise, you could allow a direct connection that could lead to serious data leakage.

2. How Much Time Do You Have?

If you have lots of time on your hands, you could go around managing cybersecurity for your company. From backing up data to updating operating systems, you’ll certainly have your hands full. No matter how big your operation is, there is going to be plenty of work to do.

If you’re one of those rare businesses that’s both cash-rich and time-rich, you can devote all of your time to managing your servers. If you’re in the data and technology industries, this is vitally important.

However, as your business grows, you’ll have a growing need to manage the direction of your business more than how your data is doing. Leave things to the pros and manage the things that matter the most for your growth.

3. Do You Have Certifications?

Now that cybersecurity has become a high-stakes affair, there are now dozens of certifications you could get as a cybersecurity professional. These certifications will tell others that you’re trained in protecting systems from harm, catching intruders, and managing bugs.

If you are a cybersecurity professional in a past life, you might have all of the certifications you need. If you’ve been focusing on building your career as a professional in the industry you’re specializing in now, hire a pro instead. Ask what certifications they have to ensure you get the quality protection you deserve.

A Cybersecurity Audit is Vital To Staying Afloat

As a security breach could cost your small business millions in fees, you need to stay on top of the latest trends in cybersecurity. Running a cybersecurity audit can tell you whether or not you’re vulnerable. Instead of playing the guessing game, hire a pro who can help you figure out whether or not you’re prepared for an attack.

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