Data Backups and Archives: The Importance of Offsite Storage

There are over 140,000 hard drive crashes every week in the United States.

It is gone if all that hard drive data is not backed up. The data might be able to be retrieved, but the task will require considerable effort, time, and money. And most of the time, there’s no way to recover it all.

If one thing is clear, it is that it is imperative to back up all your data. And doing an off-site storage backup is even more critical.

Keep reading to learn more about the importance of an off-site backup.

Cost Effective

Nowadays, so many data backup solutions out there are expensive. There can be set-up fees, hidden costs, storage management fees, and more.

For example, an off-site storage data backup typically has a recurring monthly fee. The fee changes based on how much storage space you need. This is how the payment plan works; you know you only pay for what you need.

Therefore, this is an excellent cost-effective method for your storage needs.


Most off-site storage facilities feature automated updates, quick data recovery if something happens, and real-time information. Because of these perks, off-site server backups have much more dependability than storing everything on servers you maintain.

Easy to Implement

It probably seems overwhelming when you think about moving the servers where all your data is stored. However, it does not have to be that way.

Transferring your crucial information to a data center is highly convenient. All you need is an internet connection to transfer your data.

Off-site storage will also be helpful when you need to implement automatic backups. You can do that just by clicking a few buttons.


One of the best parts about a data backup with an off-site storage company is that you can access the data anywhere.

If you need to grab a company document while you are out of the office, you can do so. Likewise, if you need to access a file when you are not using the company computer, you can also do that.

This makes working remotely much more manageable than having documents with you at all times—or worse, being unable to access those documents.


When you store important documents, you want to ensure the information is safe and secure. You can guarantee safety when storing with a backup storage site.

That means more peace of mind for you and your employees.

Start Using Off-Site Storage Today

When it comes to handling and storing important files, using an off-site storage company has a lot of benefits.

There is a lot of security; they are typically easily accessible and dependable. To learn more about our data backup services, click here.

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