GDPRmageddon Is Here – And So Are The Lawsuits

Enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) passed by the European Union started today – and so did the lawsuits. Today, privacy activists filed complaints against Facebook and Google, citing violations of the GDPR.

This is a highly anticipated event. If you’ve noticed a recent flurry of “Updates To Our Privacy Policy” e-mails in your inbox, the GDPR is why. The GDPR affects businesses that handle any data belonging to citizens of the European Union – including customers, employees, students, contractors, and dependents. It increases the legal protections on all personal data and lays out a set of digital security rules that apply in each of the 28 European Union member countries.

Any company that does any business or has any customers or employees in the European Union is affected by the GDPR, and is required by the new law to change how they handle data – or face steep fines. If the complaints against Facebook and Google prove to have merit in the eyes of the European Union, those companies could face as much as $8.8Bn in fines.

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