Key Questions Every Business Leader Should Ask About Cybersecurity

“Good” just isn’t good enough when it comes to your company’s safety. As an entrepreneur or business owner, it’s important to know that cybersecurity threats are very real, and should be addressed head-on. 

You need to truly grasp cybersecurity so that you can deal with the threats as they come along. Here are a few questions that every business leader should ask themselves. 

Am I Prepared to Address the Cybersecurity Threats of Today and Tomorrow?

Today, some of the most common threats that you face include different forms of malware, ransomware, DDoS attacks, and phishing. The type of threat you face keeps evolving, so you need to be up to date and prepared. 

For instance, threats like deep fakes are becoming more popular. Ask yourself if you’re absolutely at the cutting edge of cybersecurity and able to handle these issues. 

Audit your company’s cybersecurity preparedness and get to know what measures of protection are in place. 

How do I Handle Downtime?

Downtime is bad for business and should be minimized as much as possible. According to the Bureau of Justice, about half of companies experience digital downtime that lasts between an hour and a day. 

Part of your cybersecurity preparedness is to know how to address downtime so you can get back up and running ASAP. 

The sooner you focus on cloud migration, the sooner you’ll be prepared for downtime. This gives you access to lots of backups and makes it so that your employees can work remotely. 

Put together a plan of action that includes notifying the right people about breaches, addressing the threat, and immediately working to get back up and running. 

What Kinds of Passwords and Authentications Am I Using?

Believe it or not, an easy to guess password is still one of the biggest liabilities that most companies deal with. While complex hackers are always at work, a weak password can leave you just as compromised. 

Be sure to create passwords that are not just strong — but also easy to remember. Make this complexity mandatory, and have everyone change their passwords frequently to maintain access. 

You can also use two-factor authentication for another layer of protection. 

Is My Plan of Action as Clear and Detailed as Possible?

Everyone in your building needs to know exactly what to do when it’s clear that you’ve been compromised. This means knowing who to report to, what to report, and what steps are next. 

The more uniform everyone is with carrying out the plan, the sooner you and your IT team can begin pinpointing the threat and stopping it. You’ll also be able to move past the issue sooner. 

Address These Business Leader Cybersecurity Questions

A business leader needs to always be on top of their cybersecurity needs. By considering these questions first and foremost, you’ll have a plan of action for your cybersecurity. 

We would love to help you out with all of your cybersecurity needs. 

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