The Need for Regular IT Risk Assessment

Even some of the largest corporations in the world can have data breaches. However, trying to eliminate these breaches from happening is beneficial to businesses of all sizes.

Dealing with the data of customers or even employees is serious business, and taking action now can save much of the headache later. For this reason, businesses can benefit from IT risk assessment.

Are you wondering what this is and how it can help you? Keep reading and we’ll cover it all.

What Is IT Risk Assessment?

IT risk assessments are used to do an in-depth analysis of your security risks and threats. The assessment tells you the areas that are vulnerable to an attack and what can be lost if attacked.

It will also give you information on what threats are most likely to happen. This allows you to work your way down the list from high-risk to low-risk. This process is done to create a stronger security system so that you don’t lose valuable data and money due to cyber attacks.

Did you know that by 2025, cybercrime will cost $10.5 Trillion annually?

How Does IT Risk Assessment Identify Threats?

Firstly, it’s important to look for the source of the threat. Is it an internal threat that may come from an employee or someone within your organization? Or is it an external threat from a hacker or other individual with malicious intentions?

Then, threats are categorized into why it becomes a threat. Is there valuable data to access? Is there access to money?

Next, the effect it has on your business is analyzed.

Through the process, you can understand what to work on and how to properly maintain your security.

Why Does My Business Need IT Risk Assessment?

IT risk assessment is crucial for many different types of businesses. It helps to minimize the risk of loss and other breaches from within your company.

By keeping up with these assessments, you’re setting your business up for success in the area of cybersecurity.

Technology is constantly improving and vulnerabilities can appear even after having an IT risk assessment done. By checking regularly, you can find new vulnerabilities that may not have been present during the last assessment.

Taking action helps to keep your security at a maximum. Often, this is a legal requirement, especially if you’re dealing with customer’s data.

This can also help your customers feel more secure and keep their trust in your company if you do everything that you can to keep their data safe.

Assessing Risk Is Vital

It’s important to always be vigilant and do what you can to protect your business through cybersecurity. The importance of regular IT risk assessment lies in keeping everything as safe as possible.

At Pegasus Technologies, we pride ourselves on the quality cybersecurity audits that we can provide to our customers. We can handle risk management and show you where you can improve your cybersecurity.

Are you interested in having an audit done on the IT infrastructure of your business? Contact us to find out how we can help you today!

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