The Surprising Benefits of Having a Network Disaster Recovery Plan

Businesses connected through their own networks enjoy many advantages, including better communication and easier file-sharing. If your business has multiple computers, connecting through the cloud or a physical network makes business much more efficient, but if your company has multiple locations, having your own network is vital.

Using a company network alone can increase the likelihood of some files being backed up on various local storage devices, but your network at large is still vulnerable to threats. Does your company have a network disaster recovery plan? 

If you don’t, I’ll tell you now that you can’t afford not to.

Why? Well, the fact of the matter is that no matter how many individual backups you have, your system is still vulnerable to attack. If you’re attacked and you don’t have a full network disaster recovery policy, no matter what, your business will take damage.

The good news is that network disaster recovery planning provides a safety net. Working with professionals to back up and safeguard your data in case of an unexpected network breach or failure is a surefire way to keep your business going after disaster strikes.

Here are five advantages of network disaster recovery plans.

1. A Network Disaster Recovery Plan Stores Data Safely

When you prepare a disaster recovery policy with a network backup provider, all of your company’s data is stored securely. You’ll save time and have the provider’s guarantee, too.

2. Get Back to Business Faster

Network disaster recovery planning allows you to resume your usual work quickly in the event of a disaster. Conveniently, you can access the backup from any connected device.

Shutting your business down is a pain and can mean lost wages, lost customers, or paying for work that never happened. Why let that happen when a recovery plan can prevent it?

3. Save Money on Cleanup

When massive network failures happen, solving the problems and reconfiguring is not only time-consuming but often expensive. With a data recovery plan, you won’t have to worry about these unexpected costs.

4. Avoid Losing Clientele

Shutting down for a period for any reason can turn customers away for the long-term, but when your shutdown is due to a data breach or internal failure, you can get a bad reputation. The faster and more professionally you solve the problem, the better it looks—and a data recovery plan will do that for you.

5. Simply Manage a Complicated Situation

Because all of your data is consolidated with a network recovery plan, and you have all the protocol decided beforehand, a messy situation is solvable in a jiffy.

Consider how long all these steps would take to do one after another. Who has time like that?

Prepare Your Company for the Worst

Now that you’ve read about these benefits of a network disaster recovery plan, are you ready to set one up for your company? 

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