Why Is Cloud Computing Important? Learn 5 Reasons You Need the Cloud

There’s no debate about how impactful technology is on your business. Tech has proven a high return investment, improving all facets of your operations. 

Despite knowing tech’s value… you have doubts about the cloud.

Why is cloud computing important? Why should you embrace it the same as you’ve done with other technologies? Let this article guide your decision.

The Cloud is Fairly Priced vs Traditional Options

On-site hardware and IT support can become a hefty financial burden. You’re stuck implementing and maintaining its architecture. You’re also on the hook for necessary upgrades and retooling as your needs evolve.

You save several ways when using the cloud:

  • A-la-carte hardware and services via tiered packages
  • Outsourcing monitoring and maintenance via affordable third-parties
  • The resiliency that lets your business bounce back during outages

Run an analysis measuring the Total Cost of Ownership. This gives you a great overview when comparing the cloud and traditional options.

The Cloud Offers Stability in Turbulent Times

What can you do about power outages? Employee theft? Natural disasters? These turbulent issues get mitigated when your business moves to the cloud.

Cloud architecture offers a few forms of resiliency:

Your business could save 37%+ of its tech-related costs when systems are well-managed. Plus, let’s not forget the cost savings when avoiding outages.

The Cloud Fosters Skill-Building Collaboration

Does the local marketplace offer talent to fill important IT roles? Not so much when you’re in a small town. Cloud solutions foster remote roles, letting your business tap great talent from around the world.

By embracing the cloud:

  • You assemble a team that’s not locked by geolocation
  • Collaborative efforts arrive from variable talents and techniques

You also give the team access to talent running the cloud operations. These platforms encourage and aid training. The skills learned through collaboration could prove fruitful to the ongoing operations!

The Cloud Doesn’t Have Set Operating Hours

One of the biggest problems running a businessTime.

You’re closing up at the end of the day unless you’re a large operation with many employees. Anything can go wrong during the off-hours. Having a team dedicated to your tech prevents those disruptive hiccups when you’re not there.

The Cloud Lets You Focus on the Big Wins

Not having to manage the IT team is one less daily duty. Placing the tedious items onto a third-party frees up IT talent, too. And, by way, lets the rest of the team operate with fewer disruptions and downtime.

What could you do with the extra time?

  • Build stronger business relationships
  • Make and close more sales
  • Train and keep skills sharp

Placing everyday services into the cloud lets you stay focused. This could be the free time needed to make big moves, netting big wins.

Why is Cloud Computing Important? Let Us Show You!

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