Here Are 5 IT Roles Your Tech Team Plays in Your Company!

With today’s complex business technologies and the growing risk of security breaches, robust tech teams are vital to any business. Technology roles are so vital to business success that computer and IT professionals are in high demand. In fact, employment for these occupations will grow by 13 percent between 2016 and 2026.

Still, it can be difficult to understand what these professionals do within businesses. Though much of their work is behind the scenes, your computer and IT employees do a lot to support your business. Read on to learn more about five of the top IT roles your tech team fills within your business.

1. Hardware Technician – One of the Most Fundamental IT Roles 

Can you imagine running a company in the present day without using computers? It would prove quite difficult, which is why having at least one hardware technician on your tech team is so important. Hardware technicians are responsible for repairing and managing servers and computers.

Repair and management include day-to-day tasks like installation, upgrades, troubleshooting, and support. Hardware technicians also help ensure the security of your network and data. An outdated server or computer could lead to a debilitating security breach.

2. Network Professionals – Ensure Your IT Structure Is Up to Par

Network administrators, engineers, and architects all fill similar roles within the technology team. They all focus on IT and network structure, but each has different responsibilities. Together, they work to ensure your entire IT network is efficient and is working to meet your needs.

Your network engineer or architect designs and develops your network. The networking administrator helps maintain and monitor the network. In smaller companies, there may be one network professional who does this all.

3. Help Desk Support – The Most Visible IT Role in the Company

Your help desk analysts serve as the front line of support for your entire business staff. If anyone has a computer or network issue, the first people they turn to are the help desk team. Help desk analysts resolve issues to ensure your employees are able to be productive.

People in help desk IT roles also serve as gatekeepers. They can escalate larger problems, including network security threats. If your company is smaller, you may have one help desk analyst, while large companies have entire teams.

4. Business Analysts – Help Align the Tech Team’s Work with the Business’s Needs

Business analysts focus less on everyday IT tasks and more on the bigger picture. They work to understand the business needs and goals, and then help ensure the IT team helps to meet those. They do this by leveraging data, processes, and information from across the company.

5. Systems Engineering Manager – An IT Professional That Wears Many Hats

There are so many important IT roles, it can be helpful to have someone who can wear many hats within the IT team. A systems engineering manager is usually that person. They can monitor, manage, and work to improve IT infrastructure, and often manage teams of engineers and other specialists.

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