Why You Should Consider Computer Security Training for Your Team

What if the greatest threat to your company was staring you in the face each day?

Cybersecurity and computer security hygiene are more important than ever before. But the most persistent cause of unwanted network intrusion remains simple human error.

It’s possible to mitigate this threat through computer security training. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of such training for your entire team.

First Line of Defense

Any good manager or CEO knows that success in business is about turning obstacles into opportunities. And good cybersecurity training lets you do this with just about every employee.

Right now, any untrained employee who uses a work computer can put your company at risk. However, thorough computer security training can definitely turn things around.

Once everyone has had the proper training, these employees become your first line of defense against intrusions, malware, phishing, and other issues.

Teach a Man to Phish

Speaking of phishing, it remains one of the most prevalent threats to small businesses. Someone opening the wrong e-mail on the wrong computer can put the entire company at risk.

By now, you know that you can’t fix the phishing problem with a single e-mail or single training session. This is because the right training helps employees master Yoda’s words of wisdom and “unlearn” what they have learned.

E-mail remains the chief way most small businesses communicate. By improving e-mail security, the right kind of training can make everyone safer and more aware.

Cleaner Desks

We tend to think of computers as high tech solutions. Accordingly, we tend to think most computer-related problems must be equally high-tech.

However, some network vulnerability issues occur because of some low-tech factors. For example, more people than we’d care to admit leave computer passwords and other sensitive information just lying around on their desk.

Good cyber security training will teach employees to not leave sensitive information laid out on their desks. And as a pleasant side effect, your workplace will seem that much cleaner and more organized!

Passwords 101

Another common myth is that most network intrusions occur because of complex hacking and computer infiltration. However, that is unnecessary when employees use passwords that are easy to guess.

Plenty of employees use passwords that involve things like the name of their pet. And still plenty more use generic passwords that hundreds of other employees use. This makes it easy for just about anyone to guess their password and wind up on your network.

With a solid cybersecurity training routine, your employees will learn how to create more complex passwords. Regardless of what else the employees learn, this lesson alone renders your entire network less vulnerable to infiltration and attack.

Computer Security Training: The Bottom Line

Now you know more about the benefits of computer security training. But do you know who can provide the best training to your employees?

At Pegasus Technologies, we offer the managed IT solutions that make businesses both safer and more profitable. To see how we can help your business, reach out and contact us today!