Why You Should Invest in 24/7 Technical Support

For many companies across the world, outages over several hours can start to cost over one million dollars every hour. This can be even worse if there is no support staff on call, so you can imagine 24/7 technical support might be the goal for many people. Still, there are many more benefits to having such a resource on hand.

Below, you can find many of the different things technical support can do for you when available 24 hours a day. As you read through, consider whether such a thing would be a boon to your company.

Well Defined Costs

With 24/7 managed technical support, you can expect always to know how much it is going to cost you. Instead of paying per callout, you can have a subscription-based solution to your IT needs.

This means you can call in whenever there is an issue without worrying about money. Thus, it allows you to budget much better for your business moving forward.

No Support Downtime

Instead of waiting for remote support like with many other solutions, a 24/7 solution allows you to have someone on hand at all times to deal with issues. There is no situation where you send a ticket and then need to wait for someone on the other side of the country to wake up. Instead, they can deal with your issue right then and there.

Continual Monitoring

As well as being able to respond to requests, 24/7 support can also offer continuous monitoring of your systems. Much like on-site support, they can be reactive as well as on-call. Instead of waiting for you to talk to them, they can resolve issues that flag up automatically.

Instant Response to Threats

It is not only direct contact situations that business support can respond to. Also, if there is a new emerging thread, such as a spreading virus or a piece of ransomware. They can ensure security monitoring software is up-to-date and prevent the issue from getting worse on your network.

Up-To-Date Network Monitoring

There are times when your system will run slower than usual. This may be due to internal or external issues.

A 24/7 technical support center can watch your network traffic and look for any unusual activity. They can then resolve it by fixing the problem or removing problem actors from the network until they can work out why the problem is happening.

Speedy Backups

Sometimes you might find yourself needing a backup of your system restored. 24/7 IT support can not only make regular backups but can restore them with a simple query. There is no longer any need to wait for people to get the work done.

Find 24/7 Technical Support

With the above, you should now understand why 24/7 technical support would be useful to any company engaging in any online business. So, if you want to investigate what we can offer in this regard, it is time you talked to us.

Our people are ready to discuss our offerings with you and find out how we can best match your needs. So, give us a call today and we can see what we can do.