3 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs Pegasus Managed Security Services

Don’t get lulled into a false sense of security. A cyber attack may not have impacted your organization. But it will soon. 

More than $17,000 is lost every minute due to phishing attacks. Fileless attacks have grown by 256 percent from January to July of 2019. Cybersecurity threats are on the rise, and your organization needs to meet the threats head-on. 

You can run your own cybersecurity yourself. But managed security services provide for you. Here are three reasons why you should hire a managed security service provider. 

1. A Managed Security Service Provider Offers 24/7 Protection

Cyberattacks can occur at any moment. Most occur during the day when an employee opens an email or downloads a file.

But cyberattacks can also happen at night. Hackers can disable your Internet system or computers when you aren’t around them. When you arrive at the office, you are unable to work, and you don’t know what happened. 

Security service providers give you 24/7 protection. They monitor your Internet system, hard drives, and computers, even while you sleep. They send you an immediate notification when they notice a problem. 

Providers have cloud security that continuously monitors data and on-premise networks. The provider knows when an attack occurs as soon as it happens. They respond and neutralize it, then they report it to you.

2. Managed Security Services Provide a Complete Package

Cyberattacks are getting more sophisticated with time. Old methods like phishing and Trojan horses are still popular. But new threats like AI fuzzing and deepfakes are being developed every day.

The managed security services market is a competitive one. Providers compete with each other to provide services that confront the latest threats. Providers come up with new services to meet their clients’ needs. 

Providers audit an organization’s current cybersecurity strategies. They suggest improvements to the organization’s strategy, and they cover for its vulnerabilities. They provide training to employees, and they keep them informed about current threats.

Providers offer antivirus solutions with 24/7 monitoring and emergency services. They provide real-time alerts as soon as a virus presents itself on a network. They neutralize the virus, integrating incident management into one smooth workflow. 

3. Managed Security Services Save You Money

Cyberattacks are growing more expensive. Phishing opens a company up to theft. Improving old technology costs money and hiring a staffer to manage cybersecurity diverts attention from business leads. 

Managed security services save organizations money in many areas. Working with a provider saves money on training. Providers are experienced, and they can educate your employees for free. 

Managed security services consolidate many resources under one cost. You don’t have to pay separately for antivirus, response management, and audits. You can pay one company one rate for many services. 

A provider will not present you with unexpected costs. If a computer breaks, a provider can help you find an affordable repair company. 

Get the Services You Deserve

Cybersecurity will only get more difficult to manage. But managed security services are here to help. 

Managed security services provide 24/7 protection. They provide a comprehensive regimen to identify, manage, and inform you about security threats. They consolidate services and advise you on security finances, helping you save money. 

Go to professionals who will give you the help you deserve. The staff at Pegasus Technologies has decades of experience in cybersecurity and business technology. Contact us today, or call us at 610-444-8256. 

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