5 Reasons You Might Be Looking For A New IT Provider

Many people are sick of their current IT companies. They’ve found limitations and cracks, opening the door for a provider change or at least a second opinion. We are hearing the following complaints, and here are the responses we’ve experienced success implementing:

Too slow

Does your MSP struggle to respond in a timely manner? Pegasus tracks both response times and resolution times for each service request or issue noticed by our preventative maintenance. During the pandemic, our aggressive approach actually resulted in an improvement to our response and resolution times. We openly share response and resolution times with our clients through regular reporting and discussion, and we acknowledge when we fail. We track lots of detail on response and resolution time, down to how we did for each person within your organization, and how we did for each priority, e.g. emergency or normal

Not familiar with cloud technology  

Does your IT service provider lack cloud technology capabilities? Pegasus has been deploying cloud-based technologies to our clients for over a decade. We know when it’s a good fit, when it’s a bad fit, its advantages, and its limitations, so we can help our clients make the best decisions about how to leverage cloud technologies. Pegasus understands how to make cloud data secure. Pegasus helps clients make the cloud work even during power and Internet outages. Pegasus can also support on-premise and hybrid environments where some data in in the cloud, and some is local

Can’t make remote access work smoothly (or reliably)

 Can’t get remote access technology to function smoothly? Remote access is no longer limited to a VPN. There are many types of remote access available, and we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach. We take the time to understand how your team works best, so we can recommend the most appropriate type of remote access. Ease-of-use and security are not mutually exclusive. With modern technology and local expertise, it is possible to achieve reasonable levels of both security and ease-of-use. Remote access is useless when it doesn’t work. We incorporate failover and failback into our system designs.

They’re too small  

Is your IT Company not large enough to handle your needs? Pegasus has a team of about 25 local people, including subject matter experts on a variety of technologies, so we have the depth to help you. We use our Match-IT program to assign three technicians to your account, one of which is a senior tech, to ensure personal familiarity, on top of the rigorous system documentation protocols we follow. We answer the phone live when you have a problem. We understand security compliancy and the technical requirements of vendors, customers, industry standards, and government regulations. We routinely take calls out of the blue from people who have been victimized by cybercriminals. We’ve seen cyberattacks, helped people recover, and know how to help keep you safe from ransomware, phishing, takeovers, modern viruses, and more.

They don’t know enough about new technology options

We offer cutting-edge, bleeding edge, and traditional IT solutions, and we inform and advise clients on where they are and where they could be. We help clients budget and plan for technology changes. We do formal technology reviews with our clients once every quarter, and each client has an assigned technical account manager to help with immediate questions. Our staff is certified on the latest technologies, and we partner with a number of large industry vendors, to help keep our skills sharp and our recommendations well-informed. We listen to your business challenges, and work to recommend technology to help you work more efficiently

Pegasus Technologies is the IT Team for organizations that don’t need a full-time IT department. Our technology experts build you a technology plan to keep your business running at its best. We have offices in Kennett Square, PAMedia, PA, and Wayne, PA to provide better computer support and IT services to you.