6 Signs Your Company Needs New IT Solutions

Are you constantly plagued by IT problems in the workplace and do they constantly take you away from your *real* job? If so, it might be time to upgrade to new IT solutions or get a new IT solutions company. Read on to learn about six signs your company needs new IT solutions!

1. IT Tickets Take Too Long

If it takes more than twenty-four hours to hear from your IT company about any IT issue, it’s a sign of bigger problems. It should never take that long to hear from your IT team, no matter how severe the issue. Communication should be a priority, even with the smallest technology issue.

2. Lacking In Software Training

Your IT team should always have the time to keep your people up with the latest software and be able to train new hires on computer basics. When it starts to be a problem for your people to get trained, it’s time to make a change. A good IT solutions company has the resources to keep you and your people trained.

3. Technology Constantly Breaks Down

When your technology constantly breaks down, it hurts your business and your customers. You could have bad installations, malware, or just old and obsolete equipment. Whatever reason, when things are down more than up, it’s time to look for new IT solutions.

4. You Are Over Budget

Your budget can feel the strain when you are constantly having to fix the same IT issues. Having a good IT solutions company on call to take care of your IT concerns can make up its own cost very quickly in the IT world. Weighing whether or not hiring an IT team is cost-effective or not is one of the biggest decisions you can make for your business.

5. You Have Security Concerns

IT security is a bigger worry today than ever before, and insuring your company’s data is safe is one of the biggest jobs of an IT department or an IT solutions company. The bigger your company is, the harder malicious actors will try and take it down, so you need the best IT services you can get. If you see security issues that are not resolved, such as a data breach, you need to act to either beef up your IT team or get a better IT solutions company.

6. You’ve Outgrown Your Old IT Company

Even if you’ve been happy with your current IT solutions company, sometimes your company grows beyond its capability to take care of your needs. It might just be the inevitable consequence of being successful that you need to bring in more help to get new IT tools and use the latest IT technology. It is not necessarily the fault of the IT team, just a sign that your company is doing well.

New IT Solutions

There’s nothing wrong with needed new IT solutions even if you have a good IT team in place. Sometimes your IT team just needs more training, or you just flat out need a better team, so you hire an IT solutions company. Your business’ IT needs are important to keep current on!

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