Are You Protected? The Top 6 Threats to Information Security Today

Threats to information security lurk around every corner, and the results of getting caught up in one can be catastrophic. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the 2020 Cost of a Data Breach Report that tech giants IBM and Ponemon put out every year.

According to the report, one breach can cost your company over $8 million! In the following article, we’ll be discussing the six biggest insecurities to watch out for. Let’s get right to it! 

1. Outdated Tech

Security threats begin with the type of technology that you employ to keep you safe. Whether hardware or software, it possesses vulnerabilities that hackers are able to exploit in time.

It’s vital that you keep your programs up-to-date. Running an older version of a program or application means the patches and updates the developer has made for your protection are not in place. It’s like living in a house but leaving the doors wide open.

2. Vendor Targeting

Another threat to information security is the third-party factor. We’re talking about the people who don’t work for your company but with whom you do business.

Hackers and data thieves understand that your business likely has a number of vendors that brush up against your IT with regularity. These vendors can know just enough about your organization and protocols to be dangerous.

By targeting these individuals, malicious actors can access data without ever having to directly interact with you or anyone at your organization. Keep this in mind as you establish outside relationships.

3. Lapsed Security Software

Data security relies on your security infrastructure. Just like any mobile or web application, anti-virus or security software requires frequent updates to stay current. 

Many companies make the mistake of “setting and forgetting.” This means they expect the anti-virus and other security software to keep them safe once they’re up and running. That only happens to an extent.

Don’t get too comfortable. Make time each week to check for updates. Enable automatic updates if you don’t have time or consider yourself too forgetful to update manually.

4. Employee Missteps

Perhaps the biggest threat to IT security is the employees themselves. Clicking on emails they shouldn’t, being careless with company data and passwords, and exposing their hardware to malware, are common missteps

Throw in the fact that 2020 brought with it an influx of remote work, and you are not as capable of monitoring them while they’re on the clock. Meet with employees regularly to explain the threats that are out there, the repercussions of being caught in one, and what they can do to mitigate the situation.

5. No Encryption 

One of the biggest threats to data is a lack of encryption on websites. Have you paid the extra to ensure each page on your site carries with it the padlock and “HTTPS” distinction? 

Saving money is great. Just don’t do it at the expense of your website’s security. Otherwise, you’ll end up spending a lot more on money and reputation to fix the problem later.

6. Social Media Targeting

The last of the data threats looming is a pretty big one. Social media has billions of users, and the people in your organization or that work closely with it are among them.

Bad actors understand this all too well. To capitalize, many target websites they know your employees or vendors will go to and use that targeting as another back door to your data.

Vigilance Is Key Against These Threats to Information Security

We hope you see that threats to information security like social media, outdated programs, and no encryption are just starting points for vulnerability. Also, pay close attention to whom you do business with and the actions of your employees.

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