Ask an IT Consultant: The Most Commonly Asked IT Questions

Almost every household in America has a computer at this point. Businesses utilize technology all the time and would likely have a hard time getting by without it! 

Even though technology is so ingrained into our lives, IT issues come up all the time. Do you have certain things that you’ve always wanted to ask an IT consultant?

If so, you probably aren’t the only one. There are certain questions that IT consultants get all the time! 

Find the answers to common IT questions for an IT consultant below. 

Why Is My Computer Slow?

No list of popular IT questions is complete without this question! The answer to this question isn’t so easy to explain, however, because your computer might be slow for a variety of reasons. 

Most of the time when you are dealing with a slow computer, it means that the computer is trying to do too many tasks at one time. Even the fastest computers in the world can’t perform everything they are capable of doing all at once. 

Computers perform one task at a time, so even if you think your computer is doing everything together, it’s actually doing them really quickly back to back. 

Other causes of a slow computer might be:

  • You have a virus
  • There are too many browser tabs open
  • A malware or antivirus scan is taking place
  • You need to update your computer
  • You’re running out of RAM

Why Does the Internet Lag Sometimes?

Think of the internet as a highway. As more cars enter the highway, the highway becomes more congested and traffic gets a little slower. 

In this same way, as more people use the internet at once, the internet traffic gets backed up. The traffic might be within your general area, or it could be from farther away. 

Your internet may also be lagging a little more than normal because your connection isn’t strong. Additionally, the internet will lag if a DDoS cyber attack is taking place or if you have a hardware failure. 

What Is the Point of Restarting My Computer?

You could ask a similar question about routers, servers, or even printers.

It may seem too simple to do anything important. However, when you have IT issues, the professionals will probably ask you to restart your computer.

The reason for this is that a restart will reset everything that your computer is doing. If your computer is stuck that it can’t get itself out of or if there are too many programs open at once for you to manually close them out, a reboot allows the computer to refresh itself. 

What Is RAM and Why Do I Need More?

RAM is important for a computer because it allows you to access the files you use most often inside your computer very quickly.

Not having enough RAM means that your computer is trying to find those files fast, but you just have so many that it’s having a hard time locating the one you want. If you have a lot of files to sift through, more RAM will help your computer find your desired file more quickly.

An IT Consultant Can Answer Your Pressing Questions

Hopefully, some of these questions helped you find the answers you were looking for. You might have other IT questions that an IT consultant can answer for you as well.

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