Common IT Department Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid at All Costs

Studies show that 68% of IT projects fail. Is your IT department on the verge of failure or is it in shipshape?

To ensure your projects aren’t at risk of failure, check out these common IT department mistakes that you must avoid:

Unskilled Team Members

Your IT department should be filled with people who have great skills. Having people with the wrong skills is one of the most common project risks. Your planning can be effective, but without talent, the project will fail.

Watch who you hire in your IT departments. Always know who is doing what. The people working in the IT department should be capable of doing a variety of tasks thrown at them.

Inexperienced Project Managers

If your project manager lacks experience, the entire project could go downhill. Even junior project managers should have the necessary capabilities.

As an IT professional, you should know everything. This includes project planning, running meetings, managing risks, dealing with clients, and more.

Failing to Track Changes

Failing to track changes within a project could lead to serious problems. All changes need to be documented. If they are not documented, it could lead to budget and schedule problems.

Any information technology department should have a specific process to track changes. Everyone in the company should be trained in this process.

Ignoring Problems

Ignoring problems is a common mistake in any company. Problems need to be handled immediately. The more time you wait, the more mistakes can be made on the project.

It’s okay to do something wrong as long as you fix it. Mistakes happen, but don’t let them go unnoticed.

Not Having a Standard Project Process

An IT department needs to have a standard project management process that can be repeated. There has to be a method to the madness.

Without a specific method in place, an IT department is risking project failure. Tasks without a process will be hard to do, some may have to be redone. This could mean the project not being completed on time or budget.

Schedules Are Incomplete

Project schedules are often incomplete in an IT department. This makes it impossible to know when something is due. Completing a project on time is difficult without a complete and set schedule.

An easy way to create a schedule is to figure out all of the tasks needed to complete a project. Based on the project deadline, you can attach due dates to every single task.

Some software can help you schedule out these tasks. 77% of high-performing projects use project management software.

Don’t Let Your IT Department Fail

Your IT department should avoid these common mistakes to ensure your projects do not fail. Failure is common in the industry, but it does not have to be that way. You can get your IT department to shipshape.

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