Inconsistent Data Management: 3 Ways to Improve Data Storage

There are over 33 million businesses in the U.S. alone. Most of them are inundated with data.

They generate internal data, such as sales numbers, marketing figures, and production rates. Then there is all that data that they get from third-party sources, such as social media sites, email list management systems, and supply chain partners. No wonder they call it big data.

Of course, once you have all that, you must deal with the data storage problem. While some businesses employ data managers and some kind of data management software, there are always ways you can improve your data storage. Keep reading for three ways you can make your data management more effective.

1. Cloud

Many businesses use the cloud for things like data backups. That’s a practical use for the cloud, but it’s not the only use. If you get a constant stream of new data in your business, it can overwhelm your on-site storage capacity.

More than one business owner has opted to delete potentially useful data just to keep storage resources free. If you employ cloud storage, you can also use it as a place to store potentially useful data until you get a chance to evaluate it.

2. Limit Redundancy

Redundancy is one of the big sins of data storage. This isn’t redundancy in the sense that you have identical data stored in multiple places. That’s just good disaster planning.

The bad redundancy in data storage is when you get multiple versions of the same data in a database. For example, your sales and marketing teams or departments may both work from the same or at least overlapping data.

How they process, interpret, or filter that data can vary a lot. While you undoubtedly want a clean copy of the original data, you don’t want the original data, plus the modified versions of the data from every team that worked with it.

Eliminating those redundancies can make your data storage much more efficient

3. Data Management Software

You also want everyone working with the same data management software. It’s almost less important what data management software you use than it is that everyone uses it. When everyone works with the same software, it allows everyone to open the files without importing and converting them.

Not only does that avoid problems with the data itself, but it also helps prevent your teams or departments from creating information silos with bespoke software.

Better Data Storage and You

Improving data storage management is a net boon for your entire organization because it often prevents problems before they can even start.

Using cloud storage systems can help you preserve data for future analysis. Limiting redundancy helps to ensure that you only ever work with a clean version of data, rather than a modified version.

Imposing a single data management software system on the whole business lets you move data freely and prevent information silos.

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