The Relationship Between Tech and a Business Continuity Plan

Did you know that cybercrime has risen by over 300% since COVID-19? With the world becoming more digitally oriented, it’s becoming easier for hackers to infiltrate a business’s computer systems.

If you own a small business and have never thought about writing a business continuity plan, you need to. A BCP will help your company recover more quickly if you’re ever attacked.

But what role does technology play in a business continuity plan? This article will help you understand how technology and BCPs work together. Keep reading to learn more!

What is a Business Continuity Plan?

A BCP is a document or set of documents that outline how to react during and after a disaster. In the past, continuity plans were primarily organized around physical disasters, like floods or fires.

BCPs have expanded to include reaction and recovery to digital threats in recent years. The world is growing more connected, and many companies rely on technology as critical infrastructure. As a result, it’s essential to create a BCP that incorporates and protects your assets.

Managing Your Technology

No matter what industry your company is in, you rely on some form of technology. Perhaps it’s a few years old, or it’s bleeding edge.

Your business uses technology for everything, from remote work or managing data. Keeping everything working smooth requires an effective IT department.

Many businesses outsource their IT and data security, though some also manage it in-house. Regardless of which solution you choose, you also need to create a BCP that comprehensively addresses all aspects of your computer systems.

How a Business Continuity Plan Supports Your Company

Imagine a scenario where an employee uses a device connected to your most critical data. What happens if they fall for a phishing scam or someone slips ransomware (a rising trend) through their connection to your server?

How would you recover from such an attack without a BCP in place? A BCP gives you a critical outline to follow during an emergency so you can continue operations without impacting business.

If you outsource your business IT department, a BCP is even more important. If your partner fails to keep up with the latest technology and trends, how can you be sure your information is protected?

Finding a Good Partner

If you’re a small business, outsourcing your IT needs may be the only solution possible. However, many owners and CEOs run into common pain points when outsourcing.

Unpredictable pricing, slow response times, and a failure to keep you abreast of the latest technology make for a strenuous business relationship. Many third parties fail to develop and include a BCP to keep your company safe and secure.

The intersection of technology and continuity plans doesn’t have to be a problem. A good partner who understands IT and your needs provide an invaluable partnership dedicated to your goals.

Pegasus Technologies

We strive to provide the best IT services possible. We’re dedicated to your success, from having dedicated IT techs, so you work with the same person every time to quarterly briefings to keep you abreast of the latest tech! We also strive to provide a business continuity plan to keep your data safe and your business on track.

You need a partner dedicated to your success no matter what industry you’re in! Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you with your IT or BCP planning!

Pegasus Technologies is the IT Team for organizations that don’t need a full-time IT department. Our technology experts build you a technology plan to keep your business running at its best. We have offices in Kennett Square, PA, Media, PA, and Wayne, PA to provide better computer support and IT services to you.