The Top 5 Most Common IT Problems Businesses Face

IT problems can halt a company dead in its tracks. Especially small businesses, or if there aren’t any dedicated staff to address the issues. But IT department problems are just the tip of the iceberg. 

There are a lot of pitfalls a company can fall into, but understanding them will help you combat them.

Here are the five most current IT problems businesses face.

1. Security

On average, cybercrime costs companies $200,000. Data breaches can even put companies out of business completely. That’s why it’s so important to be aware of the threat of cyberattacks and put measures in place to prevent them.

A good place to start is educating employees about proper network security. Additionally, implementing policies that reduce access to sensitive data, especially from personal devices, will help fortify data security. 

2. Backups and Data Management

Data loss is one of the biggest problems faced by IT companies and it can cost companies a lot of money. Not only does it mean you’ve lost all your hard work from the past day or week, but it could also potentially mean a loss of business.

Using backups to safeguard the data in your system isn’t just sensible, it’s necessary. Because, like it or not, accidents happen. Whether routers overload or servers crash, the best way to protect against data loss is to back it up.

Making use of cloud storage for backups is a relatively cheap and effective way to store data securely. Make sure to avoid common backup mistakes too!

3. Regulations

Depending on the sector, there are loads of laws and regulations that govern the use and storage of client/customer data. 

Failure to comply with these laws could result in legal action against the company, costing time and money.

4. Hardware and Software

Technology advances at an incredible rate. This makes outdated or obsolete hardware/software one of the biggest issues companies face.

Buying and implementing new technology can be a time-consuming and expensive task for a company. Yet, continued use of outdated tech leaves companies more open to cyberattacks, which makes processes slower, and increases the chances of malfunctions. 

Regular maintenance can help reduce major issues with technology while consulting with IT professionals will provide useful insights into how to maximize the efficiency of company operations.

Another area to give some attention is the protection of power conduits, cables, and sources. Spikes and surges can damage electrical equipment resulting in outages or data loss.

Investing in auxiliary power units will help to ensure a solid supply of power to a network, which guarantees a more stable system.

5. Lack of Professional Input

Managed IT services can be a major asset to companies, even if they already have an IT department.

Outsourcing IT services means the in-house team can focus on day-to-day maintenance. The outsourced team can then focus on fixing major issues and consulting on potential improvements to the system. 

Busting IT Problems

When it comes to troubleshooting IT problems, knowledge is power. Knowing the issues that can occur will help businesses plan, diagnose, and address them without the potential halting of operations.

If you or your company are in need of managed IT solutions to business problems, contact us and get matched with an experienced IT professional who will help solve any problems you may have.

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