Password Protection: Harden Your Passwords With These Best Practices

Passwords — you probably type several every day. The 21st century has made passwords as ubiquitous as various household items such as fridges, desks, and lamps. This isn’t just conjecture either — studies show that the average user has over 100 passwords

But if you run a business, you need to make sure you’re investing time into password protection. Password mistakes could cost you a security breach, which could cost you endless amounts of money, time, and stress. 

If you’re worried about password management, you’ve come to the right place. This article will walk you through several password best practices to keep you and your company safe. 

Use a Long Password

This one’s pretty straightforward. A hacker or hacking software will be able to track shorter passwords much easier than long ones. This is due to the fact that long passwords have a larger number of characters. 

We recommend creating a password with a minimum of ten characters for maximum protection. If you can, however, shoot for around fifteen characters. 

Stay Away From Personal Information

When creating a password, it’s tempting to use a piece of personal information — such as a birthday, address, or child’s name — since those bits of information are easy to remember. However, this is precisely why you shouldn’t use personal information. 

If it’s easy for you to remember, it’s easy for a hacker to guess. No doubt, hackers are smarter than ever; they know the most common password trends. They’ll find out your personal information, and try plugging that into your password before they even try anything difficult. 

Stay away from personal information if you care about dangers to your personal data

Avoid Real Words 

This one might be hard to hear for the same reason as personal information. Real words are easy to remember — they’re also easy to guess. Make up a random combination of numbers and letters and memorize it, for maximum security. 

Don’t Write it Down 

However, don’t expect to remember this complicated and difficult password by writing it down. Hackers can sift through your trash and easily find this bit of information. Then all it takes is plugging it into your username to steal your personal information. 

Avoid These Passwords 

Obviously, you’re going to want to stay away from the most popular passwords. A lot of people think they can get clever and come up with a trick to memorize their password — it’s not true. These ideas have been tried by many people before and will be tried by hackers again and again. 

Prioritize Password Protection

In the 21st century, password protection is just as important as having a lock on your door or keeping your money in the bank. Hackers are smarter than ever, but by making use of these best practices, you’re far more likely to keep yourself safe and secure.

Never take any shortcuts when it comes to your personal information.  

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